World Class Bengals


World Class Bengals

our bengals are...

Bred for beauty, health and temperament, we select special lineages we believe best represent the breed. We also strive to advance the breed and look forward to continuing to work with our network of very special world-renowned breeders to bring more select cats into our lines.

Images of Savoirfaire Gentleman Jack by Johnson Photography.


Our bengals come from world-renowned lines. We carefully selected our foundation cats so that we can deliver bengals that possess the traits we believe are the most dazzling.

"All A Glitter"

Our cattery name is derived from the "glitter" found inside a bengal's hair shaft. On brown bengals, the shimmer is golden. On snow bengals, the glitter is silvery.


Bengals are a special breed of cat. Playful, curious, athletic, smart and vocal, a bengal is always ready to play--on their own terms!